This morning started with being sent down at 8:15 for a great buffet style breakfast! I had a chocolatine, banana, and a yogurt! I also got to enjoy one of my favourite drinks, chocolate milk! It was all so good.

Rehearsals started just after 9:00, and ran all the way untill 3:00pm! Everyone was tired and our feet were sore, but we finished both our opening number and our swimsuit dance, as well as got to practice our walks! Thank you to Hollywood and Shawn, two of the best coaches in the world, for helping us today.

Lunch for me was a vegi burger and a salad. The vegi burger was such a great treat as I usuallly eat them all of the time at home! I loaded up on snacks as well for the late night ahead. We went back to our rooms to eat, and got our stuff packed for pre lims!

I was super lucky to have a phenomenal makeup artist, as well as a hair stylist for tonight! I’m amazed at how well some women can get my hair to stay; usually when I curl it I have to make it almost crunchy with hairspray, and even then it barely lasts!

Prelims were a blast! Even if my name isn’t called for top 20 on sunday, I’ve learned so much since April and feel like I have grown so much as a person. Pageants have helped me get more involved with volunteerism, to gain self confidence, and to realize my strengths. I am sad that my journey in Toronto is soon coming to an end, but I also cannot wait to return to Saskatoon and use my new skills to make a change.

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Huge shout out to dear bride dress services for once again, finding me the perfect gown for any occasion! The judges tonight could not stop talking about it, and I can’t wait to show off my other two gowns this weekend.

Written by: Toni-Anne

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