With less than 24 hours until I arrive in Toronto (!!!) I thought I’d let everyone get to know me better…

Firstly, and as most people can already tell I have a huge passion for equestrian. Eight months ago I purchased my new partner, Ruger. Saskatchewan born and raised, he’s truly been the horse of a lifetime. We recently moved up to the 1.15m’s, and hope to be riding in the 1.20m’s at out next show! In august, we have the opportunity to compete at the Canadian Equestrian Team Regional Medal Finals at Rocky Mountain, as well as compete in the jumpers at Spruce Meadows. I have been so blessed to have these opportunities and to have such a fantastic partner beside me, along with a supportive coach and team.

Along with being a strong athlete, I am also very passionate about my academics. I graduated with distinction this past year, as well as with a french immersion bilingual diploma. I completed two AP exams, the French Language and Culture, as well as Calculus AB. I passed both, and received the highest possible score on the calculus exam. I have been so lucky to have amazingly supportive teachers, that have also understood that I am a busy-body!

Written by: Toni-Anne

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