After waking up at 2:30am, I arrived at the airport this morning to meet Kateryna, only to find out that we would be sitting together on the plane! After a tearful goodbye from my mom, I checked through security. We grabbed our Tim Hortons coffee and sandwhiches (which I got lucky enough to get two of when they made a second by mistake!) and boarded for take off at 5:30am Central Time. Two and a half hours and a turbulence filled flight later, we landed in Toronto to meet the rest of the Saskatchewan girls, and Miss Teenage Ottawa. We grabbed Subway on our way out and headed to the hotel.

Meeting everyone in the ball room whilst waiting for our rooms to be ready was great! It was a relaxed environment where we shared stories and laughs. When we did finally get to our rooms, we got ready for the welcome party.

The welcome party was fantastic! We got the opportunity to meet most of the sponsors (more info to come in a later post), play games, and eat food. We got out opening number shoes (which are insanely comfortable), new clothes, and got to try AMAZING chocolates!

It’s been a fantastic first day in Toronto, and I can’t wait for the morning.


Written by: Toni-Anne

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